a simple act of kindness

This is not supposed to be my first post.  But this was forwarded to me by a friend and inline with this new WP  page I created.   But this is how one way kindness ripples.  A piece of advice though, be ready with your hankie for tears might drop.   I myself already wept as I watched it the first time. This advertisement is based on a true story. The grown-up kid, now a doctor, is shown in pictures at the end.   The value of the 3-minute ad was conveyed clearly – giving, the act of kindness…

But as what was on my mind and heart when I created this page, kindness is something deep within us ,  we all just need to share a bit…

About YellowChevy

Hi,welcome to my paradise, my world! I am an Accountant by profession yet I am a quintessential scribe. This virtual place is where I think and breathe freely. I did these works along with my heart, mind and spirit. I am not like any other scribe. I'm a creative writer. Creative writing is not just a skill, its a talent that cannot be found by reading the article. A creative writer is effective if he brings you to his stories and take part in the world he created. If you are looking for great writers who makes no typographical mistakes, I guess you need secretaries who type perfect at 100wpm, not a scribe. If you are looking for someone who has perfect grammar, punctuations and rhymes go get an English teacher with probably a master's degree. If you are here to find a succinct scribe who runs like Speedy Gonzales beating his writing clock, sorry but I think I saw him outside with Roadrunner on their way to the Daily Planet. Now if you need a passionate scribe with a quintessential motivation. You are now reading a few of his works yet his masterpiece await in a desolate place waiting to be uncovered like a Pandora's box. There is no price for a rare talent. Should you find one, can you email me his contact details? I would like to meet him and make him my God. Should you need my services or if you happen to find my God, please email me @ yellowchevyonline@gmail.com and I will get back to you soonest. Wishing my posts did benefit to your reading pleasure. Come back soon and have a nice day :-) More of my articles here > http://www.anotsonewsblog.blogspot.com/ God bless us all!
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